Elevating the family farm since 1935
EZ Grow

We are extremely proud of the quality of berry that we grow and so are our customers. A few factors attribute to our product being as nutritious, tasty and ripe as it is.

  • Consistent Nutrition Plan
    When it comes to fruit production, you get out what you put in. Parts of our blueberry orchard have been planted since 1975 and are still in production today. It is a life-long marriage to these plants, if grown correctly, so we treat and feed them accordingly. Ensuring adequate fertilizer at the right time for the spring wake up, plant protection from all that mother nature has in store throughout the growing season followed up with getting the plants prepped to survive the harsh winter is all part of the process.
  • Pick. Pack. Ship.
    In Southern Ontario we are blessed with some of the most diversified climates in the country and continent. Our latitude and proximity to the Great Lakes results in a season that lasts, on average, 8-9 weeks. That is a relatively short window to harvest! So to make sure that we get all the blueberries in to fridges, pies, jams and juices on time we have invested heavily in picking & packing infrastructure that allows us to get berries to you as soon as possible.