Elevating the family farm since 1935
EZ Grow

We take pride in being an important part in the process of getting your strawberries from field to table. Backing the last 17 years of Strawberry plant production is over 45 years of other fruit and flower culturing trials & research. Once our chosen stock is planted in the early spring we have only mere months to offer and grow the best possible plant, and we do so very personally.

With continual trials & research from plant spacing, new crop protection programs and inputs, we are always aiming to better and never settle. Minimizing the stress on both the plants and our customers is our #1 priority. Our fields are located in the gorgeous Norfolk County Tobacco Sand Plain soil which is naturally nutrient rich but as well has the added bonus of its great drainage abilities. The “Lake Effect” weather system that our immediate area naturally offers gives us offers a more consistent growing season helping to further reduce the stress on the plants.

The varieties that we currently grow are for mainly southern climates (Florida, California, Mexico) as well as controlled aeroponic / hydroponic operations. We currently grow : Radiance, Festival, Winter Star and Sensation ( Florida 127 ). We do also offer organic plant stock for berry production but these are only available in Plug Tray form and available for US Customers only.