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We propagate and offer strawberry plants from our nursery in two unique ways. The major difference between the methods are essentially the timing of planting, and thus, fruiting.


Bareroot strawberry plants are the most conventional way of growing and purchasing plants. These plants are offshoots (daughters) from a single mother plant. Mothers are planted in early May and by digging & shipping time the field will be a tangled web of plants and runners (stolons). One advantage of EZ Grow grown strawberry plants is that all of our grading and packing is done in the field. This helps the plants to stay moist as well drastically reducing the turn-around time between getting out of our nursery and into your fields. Bareroot plants are your most cost-effective and conventional way of purchasing and growing strawberry plants.


Strawberry Plug plants are daughter plants set in plastic trays either 36 cell or 50 count cell. These advanced plants have fully grown root ball formation. Plugs are a great way to get a jump on the early strawberry market by the sheer fact that it takes about half as much time to get berry production from a Plug plant versus conventional bareroot planting. Our strawberry plug nursery is self-contained and receives it’s own unique nutrition plan. Our plugs are set in EZ Grow’s own blend of soil mix to give the roots the best start and home as possible. We do offer ORGANIC strawberry plugs by order only, for customers in the United States.