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All of our current varieties are Day-neutral and work best in southern climates that offer high & low temperatures that range in the 50’s to mid 70’s in the winter months respectively.

Radiance – Released in 2008, the Radiance offers a more open canopy than a Festival and maintains fruit size throughout the harvest. Large berry size, deep red and typically seeing harvest in late November, Radiance is one of our customer favourites!

Festival  – Released in 2000, the Festival is a sturdy bush that yields more consistently rather than in large blocks. An attractive, firm berry that works well in 1 pound clamshell containers. Long fruit stems allow for efficient picking. Typically seeing harvest beginning first of December.

Sweet Sensation (Florida 127) – Released in 2013, the Sweet Sensation is a moderately compact plant. Sensation is one of our earliest fruiting varieties with normally expected fruit in Mid-November. The fruit from Sensation is one of our sweetest.