Farm Fresh Blueberries

Our first blueberry bush was planted in 1983 and to this date, these original bushes are some of our most consistent and highest yielding bushes we have in our field today. With over 30 acres planted we are one of Ontario’s largest highbush blueberry producers.

We have 11 different varieties planted that offer both unique taste and blossom timing. Known for our “real” blueberry taste, customers all over the country have reached out to us stating time and time again.

“I had no clue a blueberry could taste like this!”

You can find fresh EZ GROW blueberries in your local supermarket and authentic grocers for the months of July, August and early September in our one-of-a-kind WAKI Pint. These supermarkets include; Loblaws, Great Canadian SuperStore, Atlantic SuperStore, NoFrills, Fortinos, Rabba Fine Foods, Highland Farms and more.

We do have on-farm sales but do not offer you-pick / pick-your-own. You can also find us in stall 419 at the Toronto Food Terminal on most days, but please contact Jarrod, our blueberry salesman to confirm.