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Tomato Tomahto Kit

Tomato Tomahto Kit


Love tomatoes or looking to make salsa? This one is for you!

Tomato Tomahto Kit includes:

2 Red Cherry Tomato Plants
2 Yellow Cherry Tomato Plants
2 Red Tomato Plants
2 Yellow Tomato Plants

*plus free fertilizer

Ready for pickup mid-May at our greenhouse. 

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Please refer to each plants product page for more information on variety & planting methods.

Space tomato plants 12 – 18 inch apart in 2 ft rows. Drive stakes 8 ft long, 18 inch deep into the soil. Make the first loose tie when plants are 15 inch high. Remove the leaf suckers as they form.

These varietals requires consistent watering, too many light waterings cause weak surface roots and soft growth.


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