STRAWBERRY PLANTS Nature's Red Gold - our specialty

EZ Grow's Strawberry Program

Raising strong strawberry plants for our growers starts with a solid, clean start.
Our foundation begins with certified Purple Tag material for all of our mothers we plant which are certified virus-free. This process maintains a clean plant pipeline from foundation services through to the berry growing customer.

Through continual innovation & development of premium strawberry plant propagation, we make sure to raise all plants to the highest of standards and always do what is best for the plant and the customer. We have a plant for most commercial growing systems!

Our greenhouse plant program for raised-substrate & greenhouse growers are grown 100% inside our retractable nursery greenhouse. Growing with nature in mind, we chose to grow our plants “outside the box” in this specific structure. We utilize the elements we want to help raise strong tray plants while protecting them from unwanted weather, temperature/radiation, and more. This system is completely close-loop for 100% sustainability as well as these plants are precisely fed throughout their entire time spent with us.

Our bareroot plants are drip fed versus overhead irrigated to extremely reduce moisture on the leafs & crowns to help reduce disease presence which can occur from constant overhead irrigation. We inject our liquid fertilizer right where the plant needs it, when it needs it. Having the system to promote growth from day 1 through to shipping to our customers is our priority!

Unique Varieties
Unique Biological Bugs Used

Fresh Bareoot

We offer freshly dug, field packed bareroot plants for fall shipping & planting. Primarily short-day cultivars for southern climate customers. Available  for shipping September 25th- November 1st.

We as well offer spring plantings for day-neutrals, available based on inquiries.


Greenhouse Plugs

Set and rooted in substrate, these plugs are primed for greenhouse production. Day-neutral varieties available early August through Oct 1st.

We grow your plants with nature. What does that mean?
With our retractable greenhouses, we are able to start early, feed precisely using computer injection, while providing the plants pure sun & elements which creates a stronger & heartier plant!


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