March 1, 2022

Along with you, the reader, we went and entered into the 2020 season ready with out normal stresses and excitement. Then the world decided to take the gas, brakes, & sometimes the steering wheel and chose its own adventure for us. Now writing here today as we launch (finally, I am taking the blame on that) our new website, it is almost frightening what has all happened since March 2020. I’ve always been a list kind of guy so here she is:

  1. We built both phase 2 and finished phase 3 of our Strawberry plant nursery greenhouse
  2. Built our 5 million liter water retention pond which allows us to be completely independent from pulling water from the aquifer for the greenhouse plants
  3. Mom & Dad both turned 60 in 2021. I still have a headache from the champagne, but wouldn’t have it any other way
  4. Ashley in the office (who I am sure if you call us ever you have heard her voice or dealt with her) had a beautiful baby girl
  5. Florida Pearl (white strawberry) is now commercially available and we are one of the few proud nurseries to raise these plants
  6. My partner, Abby, moved in in April, turning my house on the farm into our home
  7. We then travelled to Key West in November of 2021 and got engaged with an upcoming wedding in June of this year!
  8. Mom started a grocery store for the Caribbean men on the farm to help keep them safe during the strange times. It offered everything from chicken feet to parboil rice to peanut punch.
  9. Jill started in the office as well, and is now rounding on almost a year and is a happy addition to our farm family
  10. Abby has started a seed/transplant business for gardeners for your spring garden set up which can be found on this site, ABSeeds! Skip the lines at the garden centers and buy it from her!

Speak soon,


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